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There are two paths for getting a new resource into the ChronicDiseaseLocal directory. If you are a part of a resource, and will be acting as the official contact and maintainer of the resource listing, please click "Add a Resource" below. If you are someone who wants to recommend a resource you have found to be beneficial, please click "Recommend a Resource" below, and provide us with the information that we can use to enlist their involvement directly.


Please review our Resource Criteria provides individuals with a chronic disease, or at risk of developing a chronic disease, their caregivers, and health care professionals comprehensive listings of current, professionally screened, locally accessible resources and services to support self-management.  Our intent is to support and educate ChronicDiseaseLocal users to utilize locally accessible resources that will improve their self-management through awareness, understanding and application of appropriate self-care behaviors (based on the American Association of Diabetes Educators Self-Care Behaviors).


All resources are reviewed by a healthcare professional using the following criteria to ensure support of and constancy with these self-care behaviors.  The individual submitting a resource will be notified if the resource does not meet the defined criteria.  If you have questions, concerns, or which to comment on our process, we encourage you to utilize the Contact Us on

1)      A RESOURCE is a service or product that may assist and promote an individual in their self-management of their disease.

2)      Resources should promote self-management by assisting individuals to: accurately monitor their blood glucose levels; engage in physical activity; adopt healthy eating behaviors; cope with emotional and physical challenges; reduce their risk of developing complications and/or engage in self-management education.

3)      Resources must be locally accessible within the region.

4)      Professional resource services must have a relevant specialty certification or relevant license for the service provided.

5)      Resources must be able to back up claims regarding benefit to the treatment of the identified chronic diseases.

6)      Questionable resources and services are submitted to a voluntary clinical advisory board for review.

7)      Resources should be kept current, please keep your resource information updated.


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